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The USA is one of the best destinations for international students who want to study abroad. Over 900,000 individuals enroll each year in the top universities in the United States because they offer a tremendous academic structure and quality education.

The country boasts over 4,000 colleges and universities that provide admission to students in a vast array of courses. Some top universities include Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, ranking among the top schools in the world.

Studying in the USA university is a priceless chance to experience new cultures, explore and meet new people. The cost differs for by university and other factors, such as the location and student’s lifestyle. The average living budget ranges between $9,600 – $14,000 annually.

Here are the best US cities for international students

1.   San Francisco

This student city in the US is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge. It’s located near the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of the USA. Learners can expect a lavish lifestyle in San Francisco. It also has a good reputation for internships, high employment opportunities, etc., because it houses multinationals like Apple, Google, and Facebook. The expenditure here is also cheaper compared to other towns such as Washington DC and San Diego.

Some of the names with their QS World University Rank in 2022 include Stanford University, the University of San Francisco, and The University of California, Berkeley.

2.   New York City

The city is among the most acceptable towns for students because of its desirability and high-quality standards. You will find iconic views like the Statue of Liberty, Harem’s cultural hub, Broadway’s bright lights, and famous architectural designs.

New York has fantastic off-campus activities and rich culture for you to enjoy. Some of the best-ranked universities here include New York University, Columbia University, Fordham University, and Stevens. The town has top industries, especially in the finance sector.

Chicago Skyline
Photo o f Chicago by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

3.   Chicago

Known as the windy city, it is popular for its architectural facades, diversity, a great cultural heritage, and entrepreneurial spirit. The free city is near Lake Michigan shores. People will enjoy sites like Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and more. Some recognized institutes in the town include the University of Illinois, University of Chicago, Northwestern, and Loyola.

Most graduates in this town are highly in demand by employers. It’s one of the leading financial towns for many years and the US 2nd largest central business district. JP Morgan, Boeing, and Walgreens Boots Alliance are some of the entities a student can get employment at.

4.   Atlanta

It is the largest city in the USA and Georgia’s capital. It provides a diverse culture and top-quality life and effectively offers great study experiences for you. Graduates will find many opportunities in different career fields after completing their studies. The organizations in the region also provide global support to learners across the globe, which helps them get into the best QS world universities. Some of them include Emory, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Georgia State University.

Some of the big employers include Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, and CNN.

5.   Boston

Dubbed as the “student metropolis,” this city attracts a lot of international learners. More than 20% of them here are from other parts of the world. It has an economical and efficient metro system and is home to great culture and art schools. There is much to explore, including Boston Ballet, Museum of Fine Arts, and Isabella Gardner Museum.

Employers know high-quality institutions such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and UMASS.

Hollywood sign in Los Angeles
Photo of Los Angeles by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

6.   Los Angeles

Popularly known as the city of Angels, LA is a culturally diverse region that guarantees a lot of restaurants and bars, entertainment, and much more. It has plenty of sunshine and friendly communities, a dream for every student.

Situated in California, you will live in a lively town with beautiful natural landscapes and surroundings. If you love basketball, you can watch the Lakers play or visit the famous Hollywood sign or the Natural History Museum. Other things to enjoy when you’re not learning include forests, stunning beaches, and mountains.

You can attend names such as UCLA, CSI, or USC.

7.   Miami

Miami is relaxing and laid back compared to the most prominent American cities. Not a lot of people know it as an excellent study destination, but this is beginning to change. It’s a cultural center with Cuban and Spanish influences, which makes it an ideal university destination if you want to enhance your English and Spanish language skills.

Miami is a coastal city in Florida, meaning you will enjoy plentiful sunshine most of the year and a reliable balance between socializing and schooling. The expenses here are cheaper compared to places like LA and NY.

Some things to look forward to are a thrilling cultural mix, superb beaches, etc. Some names you can attend include universities like Nova Southeastern and Florida International.

8.   Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh boasts of a great selection of opportunities for international students. Also known as the steel city, it’s home to hundreds of steel enterprises and over 5,000 worldwide firms, including startups and renowned companies. If you’re looking for a first-rate but affordable lifestyle, Pittsburgh is the place to be a student. Some of the choices include Point Park and Carnegie Mellon.

Part of attending top universities in the USA is to familiarize yourself with a new culture and environment. While selecting the institution, you have to consider its location. If you are a person who likes vibrant life when you’re not in class, choose a school in a region with things to keep you engaged and active. Each town has its unique offerings. You need to do good research and consider your capabilities and the lifestyle you want to live.

We believe that you can confidently select your favorite destination from our list of the best student cities in 2022. Read up and prepare yourself for the greatest adventure of your life.

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Samantha Brink is an education expert who also works as a writer for PapersOwl. Being a member of the college cultural diversity committee, she concentrates on creating the most pleasant atmosphere for students. Samantha advocates for enriching the process of learning with various extracurricular activities, and research opportunities for students in different cities and college towns.




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