Why Lebanon Should Be On Your Bucket List‬‬

A native of Lebanon shares what she loves about her home country -- and what you might like about it too.

Nightlife in Lebanon
The author celebrating New Year’s Eve with her close friends in Beirut. Photo courtesy Paula Naoufal

The Nightlife in Lebanon

The Lebanese are known to be party animals. No matter how the situation may be in Lebanon people always find the time to party. There is a wide variety of clubs with a multitude of music tastes that range from deep house to hip-hop and R&B. Clubs like “Iris,” “The One,” “Publicity” and “White” are always jam-packed with exuberant party­goers.

One club, called “B 018,” is one of Lebanon’s best-known nightlife spots, and my personal favorite. The spot might sound sketchy at first since it is underground and a former site of a civil war refugee camp, but it’s surely one of the hottest after party spots where the roof retracts to reveal the nighttime stars. It’s always the first option in mind when my friends and I are looking for a breather from a long week of work. For people who opt for a quieter night out, Lebanon has approximately eight pub streets in Beirut and its surroundings. I really enjoy catching up with friends over great food, drinks and ambience. Namely Alley Way Street in Hamra delivers all of these.

Low Tobacco Prices

If you are a tobacco lover, whether you smoke cigarettes or enjoy a Shisha, the tax on tobacco in Lebanon is really low. While you might get a box of cigarette for $8 in the US, the pack of cigarettes would cost around $2 in Lebanon and the same applies for Shisha. While in some countries it ranges from $20 ­ $30 in Lebanon it only costs around $10.

The low tax, as well as the overall ‘coolness’ of the Lebanese spirit, made the shisha business one of the most prevalent in the country. Shisha delivery stores, that offer their services 24/7, are within kilometers of each other and are widespread throughout the whole country. Many people here smoke cigarettes and Shisha; surprisingly I am the only person in my group of friends who doesn’t not smoke. The shock on people’s faces whenever I tell them that I don’t smoke is amusing.

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