From Wisconsin to Kenya: Learning through WorldTeach

The group members pose for a picture.
Mark and Sue Green were part of the 1987 group of volunteers heading for Kenya.

Green’s previous experience in Africa lends him credibility when speaking publicly on such subjects. When asked to speak at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a new school, or at other public events, Green almost always begins his remarks with a reference to his time in Kenya.

That way, he says, they “know you’ve seen it, know you’ve been on the front lines of helping Kenyans face education challenges.”

“When I recount my experience, they almost always say, ‘Oh, you’re no stranger,’” says Green.

“I’m indebted to WorldTeach,” says Green. “It shaped my career choices and I know it shaped my world view.”

“I think it’s impossible to go into a mud hut in the countryside, have a meal, and not carry that with you for the rest of your life.”

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