Unique Activities at Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas Welcome Sign
Photo credit: Las Vegas News Bureau

Las Vegas is known for gambling and bright lights. It’s a place where you can let loose with very few repercussions. But there is more to do than just gambling in Vegas. Here are some unique activities that are available at two Las Vegas casinos.


While it’s not the first casino you think of when you think about the Vegas strip, the Excalibur is one of the unique casinos in Vegas based on its Arthurian theme.  The real draw to this casino is its shows.

One of the best family themed shows in Las Vegas is at the Excalibur. The Tournament of Kings is a medieval jousting tournament held in the 925 seat King Arthur’s theatre.

Guests are served a banquet where they eat medieval style, meaning no utensils, while being entertained with a show featuring 32 cast members, 12 breeds of horses, and some of the best action in all of Vegas.

For the ladies in Vegas who would rather not play casino games, the other huge draw at the Excalibur is “Thunder Down Under.”  Thunder Down Under is the Excalibur’s all-male cabaret show.  The show moved to the Excalibur in 2001 and has the honor of being Vegas’ best all-male strip show.


Nestled on downtown’s Fremont Street, Binoins is one of the more storied casino’s in all of Las Vegas.  Many of you have heard stories about Jack and Benny Binion as well as the Millions won and lost at roulette.  While not as glitzy as some of the other casinos, there are still some unique attractions here that visitors to Vegas should check out at least once.

First, Binions has resurrected a popular old tradition. Anyone who visits Binions has the opportunity to have their picture taken with $1 Million in cash money.  Granted, the cash is under lock and key, but the picture is free and is a great memento from your visit.

Also, the Fremont Street Experience is something that must be seen at least one.  A giant canopy covers the section of Fremont Street directly beside Binions and every night there is an amazing light and music show held every half hour from dusk until Midnight.

When the show is not running, there are other activities along Fremont street that include live vendors, live music, and more.