Summer in Alabama

I’m relaxing on a floating dock overlooking Lake Logan Martin in the heart of Alabama. Small waves push the dock up and down, and the rhythm has almost put me to sleep. The air is filled with the soothing hum of cicadas, the sweet smell of magnolias and the laughter of children swimming under a sultry southern sun.

My family and I have traveled over 1,000 miles to be here. Admittedly, it’s not Tahiti or Paris. But at the moment, I’m exactly where I want to be – in the heart of America’s Deep South.

No, we haven’t visited any world-class museums or taken in any 17th-century architecture. Instead, we’ve spent long, lazy days floating on the water, cruising across the lake’s smooth surface, and learning the genteel nuances of small-town southern culture.

And all the while, my soul is recouping the energy that the stress of daily life has slowly eeked out of me. Deadlines and other commitments have been left far behind. Here, in this quiet town, it’s just my family and me rediscovering what is really important in life.

There are many types of travel, and each kind has its benefits. At times, our minds yearn for adventure and the new experiences that come with exploring far-off lands; other times, we simply need to rest and recharge our batteries. And for the moment, here in Alabama, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

This month’s issue of Go World Travel offers several different types of travel stories – from an exiting cruise to Antarctica aboard a former Russian spy ship to a shopping trip in one of Turkey’s most unique markets. We present a special section filled with practical travel advice for visiting California and include the true story of an iron-strong friendship forged under the strangest of conditions.

What kind of travel do you enjoy most? We’d love to hear from you. We know from research that Go World Travel readers span the globe, from Singapore to Pakistan to the United States. But regardless of why or where we journey, we’re all travelers hoping to enjoy the trip. Go World Travel wishes you happy travels.

Best wishes,

Janna L. Graber, Editor

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Janna Graber

Janna Graber is an award-winning American travel journalist and current editor of Go World Travel Magazine. Since moving to Austria at age 19 for college, she's been in love with world travel, and has covered destinations around the globe for more than 55 newspapers, magazines and websites. She's the author of three travel anthology books, including "A Pink Suitecase: 22 Tales of Women's Travel".
Janna Graber
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