Vacationing Brits Leave Home During Olympics


(April 1, 2012) — Hoping to avoid crowds during the Olympic Games, many UK travelers are heading overseas rather than vacation at home.

Research by the foreign exchange service Travelex found that almost 10 million Brits will attempt to avoid the chaos by heading to other parts of Europe. Spain is the most popular destination.

One in six Brits (14 percent) said they would have preferred to vacation in the UK were it not for the Olympics. Some 3 percent say they are heading abroad because they couldn’t get a ticket to the Olympic Games.

Those living in and around London, Weymouth and Windsor were most likely to be going abroad, with those in Northern Ireland and Wales the least likely to leave.

Most responders said the main reason to leave was to escape the visiting crowds and to avoid the continuous coverage of the games on TV.

“While the Olympics should be a fantastic spectacle it seems a large number of Brits would prefer to watch it from afar,” said Elvin Eldic from Travelex.