A Shrinking Planet

Celebrating new life
The author and her niece

My little niece, Jadyn, came into the world last month. Of course, like a good aunt, I’ve spent hours oohing and aahing over her — and also wondering about her future.

The world she was born into is vastly different than the one I grew up in. Back in the ’80s, we were in the grip of the Cold War. Communism had cut off Eastern Europe and Russia with an iron hand.

Computers were just coming into our lives back then, and the Internet was still unknown to most of us. If you needed to do any research, you had to spend hours at the library with the card file.

Fast forward 30 years and our planet is a different place. The communist walls have been shattered, and former Eastern Bloc nations are now in the EU. (I’m packing my bags to head to Tallinn, Estonia next week!)

Yes, there are new enemies to fear now — and I suppose that will always be the case. But in general, our world seems more open, growing smaller every day. Air travel has come down in cost, and more of us can travel to distant lands.

But even if we can’t travel internationally, we can still go there mentally. The Internet brings the world to our fingertips. I can read papers like the Sydney Morning Herald or the Bangkok Morning Post online while I drink my morning coffee. And I enjoy working with writers, photographers and tourism bureaus around the world every day.

Best of all, the Internet allows us to bring the stories of the world to you, our treasured readers — whether you sit in New Zealand, Belgium, the United States or in the 40 other countries where our subscribers live.

We love finding great stories from around the globe. In this month’s issue of Go World Travel, Robin Esrock takes us sandboarding down the dunes of Chile, while David Rich shows us that stereotypes don’t hold true in Yemen. John Holt soaks in the solitude and natural beauty of Canada’s Northwestern Territories and Rachel Decker goes in search of “The King” at Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

We hope you enjoy this month’s jaunt around the planet, even if it’s made from the comfort of your own home.

Happy travels!

Janna Graber, Managing Editor

Go World Travel Magazine