Greenland: A Unique Arctic Adventure

The locals in Greenland. Photo by
Getting to know the locals is a highlight of any visit to Greenland. Photo by

The Greenlandic roots are an exciting mix of various immigrating people and their ability to adapt to the Arctic challenges on the Arctic island. From the way they hunt to the number one means of transportation – dog sledding — Greenland offers unique Arctic adventures that I have never seen anywhere else in the world.

I spent the first couple of days experiencing the village, the inhabitants and the areas nearby. Then the day came when I had to sit on a small sled, riding across the inland ice.

Dog Sledding in Greenland

Dog sledding is considered as one of the five core Arctic attractions on Greenland, also known as the Big Arctic Five. Since the ancestors came to Greenland more than 4000 years ago, dog sledding has been the number one mean of transport when going from one place to another.

And one thing is clear – there is definitely something about experiencing the majestic landscapes from a perspective on a dog sled while the sun shines from a cloudless and blue sky. For me, this experience was beyond amazing. Dog sledding allowed me to experience nature’s grandeur along with a cultural twist that warmed my soul.

A local village in Greenland. Photo by
A local village in Greenland. Photo by

Whale Watching in Greenland

And the incredible experiences kept on coming. On my third day, I went whale watching, which is also considered as a part of the Big Arctic Five. The boat driver was amazing, giving us a journey that I won’t forget.

When the boat driver cut the engine, I suddenly knew that this was our cue to adjust eyes and ears. Even though it felt like eternity, it was an amazing experience when the beautiful mighty creature came from deep down the ocean to the surface.

It is an unmistakable sound when a whale exhales at the water’s surface. Seeing such a magnificent creature right in front of you is definitely overwhelming. If I have the opportunity, I would do it again. Without a doubt!

Northern Lights in Greenland

As the days went by, my Greenlandic experience kept on going. Days went into nights and nights went into days. Finally, I was told that tonight might be the night we could see the unique Northern Lights. I was beyond excited, and it definitely seemed like this was something that would bring the local Greenlanders to the streets as well.

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