Driving in England: Unexpected Adventure

This led us to a tavern/restaurant where the proprietor showed us where we were on the map I had been anxiously perusing, and when the wife came out, she said to follow her car because she could get us back to the M4 which hopefully would not be closed this far down. And so it was that we got back to London.

Once again, the locals had saved the day. I recommend that they be consulted for every need. However, when someone tells you that the road to the place you want to go is “well sign-posted,” take it with a grain of salt.

Author Bio: Mary Pritchard was born in Wellington, Texas, and raised on a farm. She currently teaches English at Tarrant County College, and like to write, paint, and travel for fun.

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Janna Graber

Janna Graber is an award-winning American travel journalist and current editor of Go World Travel Magazine. Since moving to Austria at age 19 for college, she's been in love with world travel, and has covered destinations around the globe for more than 55 newspapers, magazines and websites. She's the author of three travel anthology books, including "A Pink Suitecase: 22 Tales of Women's Travel".
Janna Graber
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  2. Quite a story – I can feel the author’s frustration!
    However, as in all her compositions, very well written.


  3. What an amazing story…and I can tell you it is all true! I know because I was there!! Love you mom, can’t wait to do it again.


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