Conversation Starters in Spain


Valdelavilla is situated near a vulture preserve. While participants enjoy the outdoors and discuss the issues of the day or just life in general, the sky will be populated with anywhere from a few to a couple score of these scavengers. Don’t worry, as long as the Pueblo Ingles participants display signs of life, the vultures will keep their distance!

Students and English speakers have the opportunity to view local sites during the course.
Students and English speakers have the opportunity to view local sites during the course.

After siesta time, a group activity is held. Later, some of the matched pairs may get together with other twosomes to play badminton or a table game, such as Trivial Pursuit, wherein the Spaniards are required to translate the questions from the cards into English. This can be quite a challenge, as an exact equivalent word or phrase from Spanish to English doesn’t always exist.

An hour before dinner, everyone gathers in the big meeting room that overlooks Valdelavilla for a nightly variety show. Students and volunteers are encouraged to make at least one presentation during the week about any subject to the rest of the group of around 40 people.

The intensive exposure of everyone speaking the English language over the course of a week brings a new confidence to the students, especially because they will have been exposed to many different English accents.

Volunteers get to connect with people who are really accepting and inquisitive of the world in general. And they are made to feel at home by the Spaniards as the Iberians strive closer to their goal of conversational English language mastery.

If You Go

Pueblo Ingles

The program runs from one Friday to the next Friday. Volunteers receive free
transportation from Madrid, accommodations and three meals a day, as well as accident insurance.

Programs exclusively for Spanish and English-speaking teenagers are available in
the summer. Pueblo Ingles programs are held in two additional Spanish villages,
La Alberca and Cazorla, and program veterans can volunteer in Pals and