The Pearl of Budapest, Hungary: The Lake of City Park

This is also where the ice rink is located.
Műjégpálya is where the cafe is housed. Photo by Flickr/Istvan

Visitors  also enjoy  the Díszterem (Grand Hall). Though it mainly houses functions, if you’re in the mood for a matchless view of Vajdahunyad castle and the ice rink/boating lake, ask staff to show you around. They’ll be more than happy to oblige. The Great Hall was built in 1895, following Francsek Imre’s plans, and was fully restored to its former neo baroque glory in the course of the renovations. The Hall also doubles as a ballroom.

Another extremely important part of the building is the Fitting Hall, which is directly adjacent to the path encircling the lake. As you step out of the building, you’ll see the spendid view of Vajdahunyad castle directly opposite.

If you’re happy enough not scaling the peaks of gastronomical heights, and would be content enough with enjoying uncomplicated but delicious fare by the lakeside, then TóTerasz Kávézó (Lake Terrace Cafe) is the option for you. It’s open from April to September every day of the week.

All staff in the building and the restaurant speak English and  menus are printed in multiple languages.


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