The Pearl of Budapest, Hungary: The Lake of City Park

There is everything from coffee to champagne.
Visitors can find all kinds of dining experiences in the Műjégpálya. Photo by Flickr/Didriks

Spots for a romantic dinner in City Park

A romantic evening here could be anything from a deep, intimate conversation over coffee to a lavish dinner, depending on your mood. You are sure to find just the thing for you in and around the large building by the side of the lake (Műjégpálya  stands for artificial ice rink and is pronounced moo-yeg-pa-ya).

The building of Műjégpálya has housed a cafe since 1895, and its atmosphere still harks back to the era of its infancy in what is now the freshly and exquisitely renovated City Park Café and Restaurant. This reopened to the public on September 26, 2013. From its terrace you may enjoy a grand view of Heroes’ square, with the Museum of Fine Arts and Műcsarnok facing each other on either side. If you turn in the other direction, you’ll see the great plane trees of City Park. The restaurant can be an ideal venue for anything from a cup of coffee to trying turn-of-the-century era Hungarian meals.

From the restaurant, which nestles in the neo baroque style ice rink hall, you may also glimpse the splendid view of  Vajdahunyad castle, built especially for the Millennial Exibition of 1896 and depending on the season, the boating lake/ ice rink. The City Park ice rink is Europe’s biggest and oldest functioning artificial open air sheet of ice. In the summer, it becomes a lake, much to the delight of visiting families, be they human or duck.

One of the sections in City Park Cafe and Restaurant is the Törley Champagne and coffee bar. This opens at noon and offers everything under the sun that is or might have anything , to do with this elixir of the gods, both when enjoyed on its own, and when combined with any combination of palate pleasers. The bartender, by the way, is a veritable fountain of knowledge of all things champagne, which he is apt to illustrate with samples of the raw stuff too.

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