Must-See Sea Life: 7 Places to Experience Sea Life Up Close

Cage diving with great white sharks. Photo by South African Tourism
Cage diving with great white sharks. Photo by South African Tourism

5. Great White Sharks, Dyer Island, South Africa

Five miles out to sea on the southernmost tip of South Africa is Shark Alley, a favorite hunting ground of the Great White Shark. The waters are teeming with Cape Fur Seals and Jackass Penguins, a smorgasbord for these magnificent beasts. Shark cage diving has become a popular sport, offering the rare opportunity to see the sharks up close. Outfitters provide the cages, the gear and the know-how. All you need to have is some courage. No scuba experience is required. For the feint of heart, the great white sharks can often be seen from the boat, sometimes even breaching above the water while hunting.

Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle, Photo by Flickr/Steve Dunleavy

6. Green Sea Turtles, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Turtle Town is stretch of coastline between Nahuna Point and Black Sand Beach on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. It’s known for its high concentration of Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. The turtles often frequent the waters right off Maluaka Beach, feeding near the coral reef, even in the shallows. Grab a snorkel and you’re likely to see one—or several. Green sea turtles are endangered, so give them plenty of room and don’t harass them in any way. Green sea turtles can live up to 80 years.

Dolphins at play. Photo by Benjamin Rader
Dolphins at play. Photo by Benjamin Rader

7. Dolphins, Bimini, Bahamas

The two small islands that make up Bimini, Bahamas are known for sports fishing, reef diving and swimming with the wild dolphins that call these warm clear waters home. Local outfitters take guests out by boat and provide snorkel gear. Snorkelers drop into the water, and dolphins often choose to come near for some playful interaction. It’s not unusual for them to swim alongside snorkelers, or flip and jump from the water. You can look, but don’t touch. The experience is unforgettable.