Island of Spice: R&R in Zanzibar


The week fled fast, with impromptu parties and sunset reveries. Far too soon I stepped off the ferry in Dar es Salaam. And there on the shore, waiting for me and the last leg of my prepaid trip, was the madman from South Africa, who instantly banished, at least for the time, my fond memories of the idyllic R&R in Zanzibar.

If You Go

Dar es Salaam is the aviation capitol of Tanzania, receiving direct flights from most European capitals with connections from the United States. Ferry tickets to Zanzibar cost US$ 30 to US$ 40 each way for foreigners, depending on the ferry line and the hawker selling tickets.

Hotels on Zanzibar range from superb to ratty. The superb include the Zanzibar Serena Inn, overlooking the sea. I liked the landmark Tembo House Hotel, located on the seafront in Stone Town. Also to recommend is the Zanzibar Beach Resort and the Dhow Palace Hotel, which was particularly lovely, with large rooms, antique furniture, fridge and all the accoutrements.

All hotels can be booked and prepaid over the Internet at about 50 percent of the published rates.

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