Sailing on Bras d’Or Lake: Nova Scotia

Panaormic views of the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Photo by Wally Hayes
Panoramic views of the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Photo by Wally Hayes

I sat back enjoying the brisk pure air and slightly cool breeze enveloping my body. It was a fitting end to a few hours of sailing amid the breathtaking vistas of Baddeck and its allurements.

After we docked some of the passengers headed towards the nearby Alexander Graham Bell Museum while others stood in groups discussing the cruise.

As we left, my daughter turned to me and said: “I don’t know what I enjoyed more – the jokes, or the soothing breezes or the people on board. Baddeck has a way of helping you forget life’s worries.”

If You Go to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

It’s best to have your own car or rent an auto when visiting Cape Breton. Taxis are rare, and be aware that gas stations are a few and far in between.

For lunch, a must-visit is the Chanterelle Country Inn & Cottages where the halibut is divine. Served with roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes, the dish diffuses the flavors of Cape Breton: 48678 Cabot Trail, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E 1B0; tel: 1-902-929-2263, toll-free: 1-866-277-0577; email:; website: .

For dinner, the Bite House is the place to be. However, reservations must be made weeks in advance. The 12-seat restaurant is located in a fully-renovated 100-year old farmhouse just on the outskirts of Baddeck. Guests are given a 5-course meal, all gourmet dishes are created from local organic ingredients. Dinner is $60 CAD plus tax. The menu changes monthly: 1471 Westside Baddeck Road, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E 1B0; tel: 1-902-322-1436; email: ; website:

Accommodation: if you prefer experiencing 19th century Canadian history, consider lodging at the Telegraph House Hotel. Built in 1861, is owned and operated by the 5th generation Dunlop Family. This is where the first office of the Trans-Oceanic Cable Company was located and where the first telegraph messages were sent from North America: 479 Chebucto Street, Baddeck, Nova Scotia B0E 1B0; Tel: 1-902-295-1100, Toll-free: 1-888-263-9840; email: ; website:

Sailing Bras d’Or Lake in Baddeck, contact:  Captain John Bryson, Baddeck Wharf, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia; Tel: 1-902-295-1456; website:


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