River Cruising in France: From Paris to Normandy

Paris, France

It’s been an incredible week, but soon it’s time to head back to Paris. I watch from the ship’s deck as the French capital slowly comes into view. The sun begins to set as we reach the city outskirts, and soon it is dark.

Eventually, in the distance, I can see the tip of twinkling lights. Then we round a bend in the river, and the Eiffel Tower comes into view. Tall and grand, she is a sight to remember.

The Eiffel Tower comes into view as we cruise into Paris. Photo by Janna Graber
The Eiffel Tower comes into view as we cruise into Paris. Photo by Janna Graber

If You Go

Vantage Travel offers river cruises all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa and more. Prices for the Normandy River Cruise start at $1,799.

Author Bio: Janna Graber has covered travel in more than 48 countries. She is the editor of three travel anthologies, including “A Pink Suitcase: 22 Tales of Women’s Travel,” and is the managing editor of Go World Travel Magazine (www.goworldtravel.com).

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Janna Graber

Janna Graber is an award-winning American travel journalist and current editor of Go World Travel Magazine. Since moving to Austria at age 19 for college, she's been in love with world travel, and has covered destinations around the globe for more than 55 newspapers, magazines and websites. She's the author of three travel anthology books, including "A Pink Suitecase: 22 Tales of Women's Travel".
Janna Graber
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