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Playing steel drums in Jamaica
Playing steel drums in Jamaica

If it weren’t for the couple tossing their Frisbee on the sand in front of me, I would still be fast asleep in my beach chair. A lush coconut tree, heavy with fruit, shades me from the bright Caribbean sun, and the soft cascading of waves upon the shoreline calms my weariness.

Not that I’m really weary, so to speak, but rather, relaxed. Jamaica’s island beat moves at its own pace, and I’m finally been able to slow my overdrive life — at least for a while. Some vacations are meant to sooth tired souls, and this one at Grand Lido Resort & Spa fits the bill.

But not all trips go as planned. As Leslie Forsberg relates in this month’s humorous tale, “Retreat from the Wilderness,” even the best-laid plans can go awry. Other times, travel is simply about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Aussie Liz McEachern Hall learns this firsthand when she heads out across a frozen Maine lake on a dogsled (Dogsledding in Maine).

Also in this month’s issue, Theresa Perenich heads to the foreign, frozen world of Antarctica and encounters hundreds of king penguins and elephant seals (A Walk with Kings: Travel in Antarctica), while Karin Leperi parties with snowmen at Carnaval de Québec, the largest winter carnival in the world.

And in a reflective piece that cuts deep, Iraqi-born Kumudha Venkatesan bemoans the harsh realities of today’s Iraq, a land once known as Mesopotamia.

There is never enough time or space to bring you all the stories that we wish we could cover, but we hope you enjoy this month’s sampling from around the globe.

Happy Travels!

Janna Graber, Managing Editor

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