Photo of the Week: La Gruyère, Switzerland

Moléson via_Ferrata_in Switzerland
Climbers create a magacal string of lights on the Moléson via Ferrata in the La Gruyère region of Switzerland. Photo by La Gruyère Tourism

Adventures from all over the world come to climb the Swiss Alps. On August 18, 2012, climbers will have a unique opportunity to climb one of those peaks, the Moléson, at night.

In this unusual, but popular event, those who have experience on the mountain are invited to don a miner’s lamp and join the climb using the Via Ferrata (you’ll need to bring your own gear). The resulting string of lights is sure to delight those watching below.

Situated in the heart of the La Gruyère Region in western Switzerland (the region famous for Gruyère cheese), Moléson is a famous symbol of the Pre-Alps. The mountain is a popular destination for hikers, climbers and other adventure lovers.

Thanks to its funicular and cable car, visitors can take an easy ride to the top for a superb panorama of French-speaking Switzerland.

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