Beauty in Your Own Backyard


American country singer Shania Twain once said that she has to travel to find the muse for her music. New cultures, foods and environments stimulate her creative juices, Twain said.

I understand what she is talking about. New destinations open up my world just a little more, and I find that input fulfilling.

But those of us with itchy feet can sometimes be guilty of overlooking the beauty in our own backyards. Such is the case with me. I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life. It’s a state known for its towering Rocky Mountains, laid-back lifestyle and clear blue skies. Sometimes I’m so busy looking at other destinations that I forget to stop and smell the roses.

So recently, I’ve made an effort to look more closely at my home surroundings — and I’ve been overwhelmed by the beauty of the Centennial State .

This month, we bring you just a little taste of Colorado, where we are based. Our special section includes a video story on Bear Creek Lake Park, as well as stories on The Broadmoor — the state’s crown jewel resort — Denver’s arts scene and Rocky Mountain National Park.

From Colorado, we take you to Spain to try out the foods and culture of the beautiful Basque region in “Basque Pride: Winsome Wineries and Villages.” We travel to China for a visiting student’s take on some of the more unusual street fare in “Culinary Courage: Chinese Street Food,” and we graze our way through the archipelago that lies between Washington state and Canada, where farmers and seafood purveyors offer up scrumptious local foods, in “Island Idyll: Washington’s San Juan Islands.”

A chill is in the air this month, and we offer up a couple of scary tours in honor of Halloween: “Night of the Living Dead: Savannah Ghost Tours” and “Resting Grounds of the Greats: Historic Cemeteries of Philadelphia.” But there’s much more, too.

So light a fire in the fireplace, grab your favorite warm beverage, and then settle down to join us for yet more exciting journeys to places far and near.

Happy Travels!