City of Dragons: Ljubljana, Slovenia

A native of Ljubljana shares what she loves about her city – and why you might want to visit.

A beautiful summer's day in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Flickr/pululante
A beautiful summer’s day in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Flickr/pululante

If you find yourself in Ljubljana, you will also be able to go on a tour of the city with a zero emission sightseeing train named Urban. It runs solely on solar panels. That’s very green, don’t you think?

Our beautiful city is also placed at the very top in Europe in terms of green surfaces per inhabitant. We have an impressive 542 sqm of green surface per resident, so you can imagine our city is remarkably green.

One of the biggest contributors to this outstanding ratio is our charming Tivoli Park.  The park is the biggest green surface in the city with almost 280.000m2, and it offers he best way to get in touch with nature if you are living in the city. One more delightful fact is also that the park stretches almost directly into the city centre so if you feel like going for a walk in nature, the park is situated  just a couple of minutes away from Prešeren Square and the Three Bridges.

Tivoli Park is home to an amazing children’s playground and is the host of many exhibitions throughout the year.  You can go there to enjoy some recreation in nature, or you can go see the boatyard and just relax and have a drink there while admiring the view, which includes a pond full of lotuses and a wide array of roses.

There are also plenty of other possible escapes to nature in Ljubljana. One of them is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the southeastern part of Europe. The botanical garden of the University of Ljubljana has been operating since 1810, and this is also a site full of soul-soothing views.

Ljubljana is a bike-friendly city.
Ljubljana is a bike-friendly city. Flickr/ European Mobility Week

If you feel like exploring Ljubljana on a bike, I have good news for you, Ljubljana is a very bike friendly city. The paths are well arranged and you can even rent out city bikes. My suggestion if you go cycling is to go visit the Banks of River Sava. This is a new development in Ljubljana, so far we have built eight kilometres of walking trails and bicycle paths, a playground with a climbing wall and even two kilometres of horse ridings paths. It goes without saying that the scenery beside the river Sava is magnificent, that makes this without doubt one of the best options for recreation and relaxing in Ljubljana nature.

Consider this article your quick introduction to the lifestyle in our beloved Ljubljana, and a way of giving you some insight into our mentality.  All the best from the City of Dragons!

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Author Bio: Tamara Rakovec is a 25-year-old student living in Ljubljana, the city of dragons. She is part of the Slovenian House team, their aim is to introduce and connect their lovely little country Slovenia to the whole wide world.