Travel in Scotland

Rain or Shine: Castle Stay near Loch Lomond

A romantic five-star castle hotel is the perfect base to explore Scotland's Loch Lomond.
One of the Scottish National Gallery's many exhibition rooms.

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Edinburgh

A visit to the Scottish capital can be expensive, but here are 10 experiences that won't cost you a penny.
Traveling in the Orkney Islands

Scotland’s Orkney Isles, Land Pawned for a Dowry

Just 20 miles off the northeastern coast of Scotland, Orkney is an archipelago of 70 islands best-known for their Neolithic sites, tall sandstone cliffs and seal colonies. In Visiting the Orkney Islands, part one in our series on these unique Scottish islands, learn more on what to see and do in Orkney.
Travel in Scotland

Travel in Scotland: The Road Really Less Traveled

Sometimes travel misadventures have a surprising ending.
Hiking in Scotland

Whelks and Chains: Hiking in Scotland

The Elie Chain Walk in Scotland is not for wimps.
Travel in Edinburgh, Scotland

High on the Hill: Exploring Edinburgh’s Old Town

Traditional teas, rich hot chocolate and the national cuisine of haggis make steep cobblestone streets worth the walk.
On the northernmost tip of Scotland lies a rugged group of islands where life slows down.

Travel in the Shetland Islands

In the remote seas of Scotland's northernmost horizon, the Shetlands Islands are a world of their own.