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Best travel vacations and holidays in Portugal

Waves crashing into the Cabo Da Roca cliffs, breaking the stillness of the ocean. Photo by Monica Gray

Finding a Piece of Home in Portugal

A homesick young traveler finds solace among the beaches of Portugal.
Wineries in Northern Portugal

The Vinho Verde Route: Wine-Tasting in Northern Portugal

This little-known tour route offers vineyards, wineries, savory cuisine and age-old pastoral settings.

The Spring Beaches of Portugal

While the Northern hemisphere enjoys cool-weather activities, the Portuguese Atlantic coast has its own brand of fun.
Whale watching in Azores

High Time to Sea: Whale Watching in the Azores

Get to know the residents of the Azorean waters on a scientific whale watching expedition.
the Azores

Video: Diving in the Azores Islands

Located in the Atlantic, these nine islands are an unspoiled diving paradise.

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