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Best travel vacations and holidays in Portugal

Wineries in Northern Portugal

The Vinho Verde Route: Wine-Tasting in Northern Portugal

This little-known tour route offers vineyards, wineries, savory cuisine and age-old pastoral settings.
Award-winning wines in Portgual

Why You Should Choose Portugal as Your Next Destination

Portugal is rising as a popular travel destination due to its delicious gastronomy and award-winning wines. Wine tours are a good chance to sample it.
Best beach destinations

Surf, Sand and Sea: 5 Beach Destinations You Won’t Want to...

White sand, clear water and seaside cabanas are calling from all corners of the globe. Which is the best beach destination to visit? Here are our picks for five top beaches you won't want to miss.

Where To Hang Your Hat: Lisbon’s Pálacio Belmonte

This historic hotel isn't just hard to find, it's hard to leave! Built in 1449, the Moorish castle is anything but old-fashioned.
Whale watching in Azores

High Time to Sea: Whale Watching in the Azores

Get to know the residents of the Azorean waters on a scientific whale watching expedition.

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