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China is located in Eastern Asia and is the second largest country in the world by land area. China’s landscape varies from the hills and low mountain ranges in the southern region to the broad grasslands in the north. Travel in China includes some of the world’s greatest known landmarks such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Beijing, the capital city, and Hong Kong, known for its expansive skyline, are some of China’s top destinations.


Video: Tibetan Dance

Carlo Alberto Cavallo offers a fascinating glimpse of Tibet, with her smiling faces, warm colors and awe-inspiring landscape.

China: The Shennong River Trackers

They call themselves “River Trackers,” and they are the last generation of their profession.

China’s Terracotta Warriors

On the outskirts of Xi'an, more than 7000 life-size clay soldiers stand facing east and ready for battle.

Beijing’s Wonder Alley

Tucked into a hidden corner of Beijing is a world all its own.

The Last Authentic Silk Road Open Market

There's plenty to see at Kashgar's Sunday Bazaar—from farmers selling produce to old men watching the whole scene.

The Road by Rickshaw: China’s Taklamakan Desert

In China, sometimes it pays to take the road less traveled.