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Among the best new travel apps is As You Stay, which lets guests book hotels by the hour.

“As You Stay” App Allows Guests to Book Hotels by the...

This revolutionary hotel booking app gives travelers the flexibility to book hotel rooms by the hour, rather than the typical overnight stay.
Overcoming Jet Lag

Overcoming Jet Lag

Jet lag is no fun, but there are some simple ways to help combat this travel malady. Take it from someone who crosses time zones a lot.
E-Lance Day Pack

Travel Gear Review: ecbc Lance Executive Daypack

Travel has its hassles, including having to go through airport security. This backpack might just make the whole process easier.
Holiday Phone Mobile WiFi Route

How to Get Internet Service While Traveling

Even if your phone is locked, you can have Internet service while traveling abroad.

Babies on the Go: Travel-Wise Gear

Learn about the best children’s products to make traveling with children a breeze.

7 Things You Should Know About Using Your Phone Overseas

Using your cell phone overseas can be expensive. Here's what you should know.
Working out on the road

Keep Fit on the Road: Take Your Workout with You

Your fitness routine doesn't have to suffer when you're on the road. Our health columnist reviews a helpful workout tool.

The Passport: How a Tiny Document Can Change Your World

It doesn't look like much—and the inside photograph is terrible. Still, this small scrap of paper brings great freedom and discovery.

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