Christmas in Dubai

Deck the Malls: Christmas in Dubai

Christmas shopping takes on a whole new flavor at the ultra-modern Wafi City Mall in Dubai.
Where is the North Pole?

Santa Claus: Where is the North Pole?

Yes, Santa Claus does exist. Just head to one of these "North Pole" locations to see the Jolly Ol' Elf in person.
Best gifts under $25 for travelers

Gifts Under $25 for the Travel Lover

Shopping for a travel lover? From noise-canceling headphones for the plane to jewelry that reflects their love of travel, here are gifts under $25 for travelers.
Reindeer sleigh rides in Finland are something you'll never forget. Flickr/Heather Sunderland

White Christmas: An Australian in Lapland

Christmas takes on new meaning when it’s spent behind a reindeer-drawn sleigh in Finnish Lapland.
The home where The Christmas Story is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Holiday Classic: A Christmas Story House

"A Christmas Story" has become a favorite holiday movie. In Ohio, you can visit the house where it was filmed.
The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Photo by Flickr/gigi_nyc

A Travel Guide to Winter in New York City

New York City is buzzing any time of the year, but it takes on a magical (though certainly not muted) quality in the winter. Be prepared with this guide.
Best holiday destinations n the USA

Best Holiday Destinations in the USA

Looking for a fun place to spend the holidays in the USA? Here are five destinations that will make your Christmas or holidays something special to remember.
Best places to spend Thanksgiving

Holiday Travel: 5 Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Destinations

Thanksgiving is an American staple, and no matter where you spend the holiday, it's always best spent with loved ones. Here are five family-friendly places to spend Thanksgiving.

Christmas Ornaments for Travelers | Gifts for Travel Lovers

It's that time of year where you're searching that perfect gift. Consider one of these whimsical ornaments for the travel lover in your life.
The Old Burying Point is a popular spot to visit on Halloween in Salem, MA

Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

The town that once executed 20 of its own during the Salem Witch Trials has moved on from its past to embrace those from all walks of life. In the meantime, it has a little fun with Halloween during its month-long Haunted Happenings in Salem
A Peruvian shaman during a local ceremony. Flickr/Bill Damon

Mountaintop Magic: New Year’s Eve in Peru

In a one-room dwelling of a shepard’s compound, a mountaintop shaman offers a New Year's blessing and an unforgettable experience.

Christmas in Colorado

During the holidays, Colorado truly shines. The snow is pristine, the air is pure – and there is plenty of space to enjoy Mother Nature.
Christmas Market in Tallinn

Christmas Spirit: Our Favorite European Christmas Markets

In Europe, Christmas markets are a treasured holiday tradition. Here are some of our favorites.
The St. Francis Inn, Saint Augustine. Photo by Flickr/~Ealasaid~

Haunted Happenings in America’s Oldest City

The St Francis Inn, built in 1791 in St. Augustine, Florida, has many colorful myths. The Inn's story is just one of the many unusual legends in America's oldest city.