Salzburg at night. Photo by Toshi Chatelin

Musical Master: Mozart’s Salzburg

To truly understand Mozart, you have to come to grips with Salzburg, his hometown.

African Architecture: A Vanishing Way of Life

When it comes to using available natural resources to build a home, Africa stands alone.
Another beautiful day in Costa Rica. Photo by Jose R.

How an American Filibuster Created a Costa Rican Hero

How Juan Santamaria, Costa Rica's national hero, got his own holiday.

Bunkering Down: Berlin Underworlds Museum

Below Berlin lies a labyrinth of air raid shelters. Touring this underworld is like stepping back in time.
Visitors at the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham. Photo courtesy of BCRI

Alabama Civil Rights Sites Recall Important Times

The Civil Rights Movement changed America forever. These Alabama sites explore those times.
Travel in Albania

Albania at Last: Exploring the Adriatic Coast

It took more than 30 years to get there, but Albania’s friendly people and archaeological sites made it a country worth visiting.
12 Days in an Indian Monastery

The Price of Enlightenment: 12 Days in an Indian Monastery

When the sweating slows and the fever burns off, hopefully you’ll realize that smiling makes breathing easier.
Japan is a bustling and beautiful place.

Living in Japan: Travel Essay

For me, life in Japan has been a puzzle to be solved. When I work out which piece goes where, life becomes easier.
Dangers of suntanning

Dangerous Rays: The Dark Side of Suntanning

Many people think a little sun on the cheeks looks healthy. But even a slight tan means damaged skin.
Tea at the Ritz

Tea Time: Sippin’ at The Ritz in London

Indulge in British tea tradition at spectacular Palm Court, where guest sip Earl Grey and nibble Napoleons.

Freighter to Paradise: Cruising French Polynesia

You’ll do more than cruise on this trip: Watch a Marquesan festival, visit one of the tallest tikis or stop by the grave of Paul Gauguin.
Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity: Costa Rica

Save the world? Start with a house.

Barkerville: B.C.’s Living Gold Rush Town

When stupendous isn’t good enough, try the general store’s ultimate jawbreakers. Just don't be late for school.
EcoLodge in Queensland

Rainforest Repose: Queensland’s Sanctuary Eco-Lodge

Find tranquility in the rainforest with daily yoga, tempting meals and stunning views of the Coral Sea.