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A Balinese Cremation Ceremony: An Intimate Glimpse into a Local Tradition

Witness a rarely seen event while celebrating the dead with lively local customs.

African Architecture: A Vanishing Way of Life

When it comes to using available natural resources to build a home, Africa stands alone.
12 Days in an Indian Monastery

The Price of Enlightenment: 12 Days in an Indian Monastery

When the sweating slows and the fever burns off, hopefully you’ll realize that smiling makes breathing easier.
Cambodia is rich in culture and photography opportunities, such as this scene from Angkor Wat. Photo by KJ Gan

Lessons in Cambodia: Photography and Cooking Classes

Cambodia is the perfect classroom when it comes to photography and cooking classes.
Working aboard a cargo ship

Cargo Ship Cruising: Working Passage from Cape Town to Rotterdam

Travelers trade work for their passage on the open sea.

While Zimbabwe Waits

In a nation gripped by AIDS, corruption and food shortages, survival often comes down to standing in line.
Teaching English in China

Finding My Own Path:Teaching English in China

How I learned to stop listening to everyone else and follow my heart.
Kaikoura, New Zealand

Seascapes and Sky: Kaikoura, New Zealand

When you’re done swimming with dolphins, pilot a plane over the rugged New Zealand coastline.
Travel in Hanoi Vietnam

Changing Tastes: Hanoi’s Coffee Street

Join the search through narrow streets for Vietnam’s weasel coffee. You may be surprised by the brewing process.
Japan is a bustling and beautiful place.

Living in Japan: Travel Essay

For me, life in Japan has been a puzzle to be solved. When I work out which piece goes where, life becomes easier.
Bagrati Cathedral, Kutaisi, Georgia

Silk Road Splendor at Georgia’s Ancient Churches

Experience the country of Georgia through its historic monasteries and cathedrals.
Sailing in Maine - Linekin Bay Resort

Family Fun: Sailing Vacation in Maine

It had been a hard year. We needed time away. Learning to sail brought us all new perspective.
Travel in the Galapagos Islands

Up Close and Personal: The Galapagos Islands

With so many rare species and unique-looking animals, the Galapagos Islands are like no other place on earth.

Alberta at Angkor Wat

A local girl makes an unforgettable impression in Cambodia.

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