5 Ways to Find an Affordable Room for the Night

Need a place to stay? Here’s how to use your smart phone to land a unique and affordable room for the night

Some small farms or vineyards offer rooms in exchange for help. Flickr/Heleen van Vliet
Some small farms or vineyards offer rooms in exchange for help. Flickr/Heleen van Vliet


Workaway.info provides travelers a chance to have a place to stay while also participating in a cultural exchange and learning opportunity. Hosts request help for a few hours a day in exchange for their lodgings. Travelers are encouraged to use skills they already have or learn a new one while helping their hosts. Accommodations can range from a few days’ stay to a few months for long-term travelers who are looking to immerse themselves in the community and really provide a helping hand.


The concept behind talktalkbnb.com is to connect travelers with hosts who are looking to learn other languages. Travelers are paired with hosts who are working to learn other languages and need someone to practice with. This concept creates a mutually-beneficial relationship between the travelers and the hosts. The travelers are provided with a free place to stay, home-cooked meals and a connection with the locals. And hosts are given the opportunity to learn a new language from the traveler.

As a traveler you can select the destination that you are planning on traveling to and select what your native language is. This will bring up a list of host in the country you are traveling to who want to have someone to practice your language with. You can further refine the search by specifying other criteria such as the host’s gender, age, city, number of guests allowed, the host’s native language, and other languages spoken. The search criteria and the feedback from other travelers will help you find the host that is right for you.

Author Bio: Sterling Stowe is a 26-year-old Colorado native and journalist with a passion for the wild. Follow his solo bicycle trip across the United States in his blog: America at 10 MPH