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Bed & Breakfasts

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Most unique hotels in Sweden

Most Unique Swedish Hotels: Where to Stay in Sweden

Want to try something different in Sweden? Dare to stay at one of these unique Swedish hotels.
The winery of Marqués de Riscal.

Basque Pride: Winsome Wineries and Villages

Eat food in miniature and drink wine in bulk. Spain’s Basque region teems with cutting-edge cuisine and traditional wines.

Santorini’s Aressana Hotel in the Spring

The hotel’s lavish welcome was for us and us alone.
Travel in San Francisco

10 Things You Didn’t Know About … San Francisco

Get ready to enjoy some well-known and hidden treasures in the City by the Bay.

Barkerville: B.C.’s Living Gold Rush Town

When stupendous isn’t good enough, try the general store’s ultimate jawbreakers. Just don't be late for school.
Farm Umbria, Italy

Farm Hopping in Umbria, Italy

Good food and entertaining company bring the Italian countryside to life.
Maine Rangeley Fall Colors

Western Maine: Stephen King Territory

Tour the towns that served as inspiration for King novels … minus the shape-shifting monsters and creepy shopkeepers.

The Country Life: Northern Germany’s Gut Hörne

Guests of this castle can wake up on their own time. Pedal Germany's most-frequented bike route or relax at the in-house sauna.
The Inn Above Tide: Where to Stay in Sausalito, California

The Inn Above Tide: Where to Stay in Sausalito, California

Luxurious rooms and arguably the best view in the Bay Area make The Inn Above Tide a worthwhile splurge.
Volcano in Hawaii

Edge of the Abyss: Hawaii’s Drive-In Volcano

Madame Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, attracts thousands of visitors daily to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
Nicaragua Gran Francia

Nicaragua Revisited: A Decade of Change

Nicaragua, the land of lakes, volcanoes and beaches, has come a long way in the last decade, with appealing visitor attractions and accommodations.
A Weekend in San Antonio, Texas

A Weekend in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio has traded in its spurs and chaps for a tight pair of jeans and stylish walking shoes.

Cody’s Famous Father: Travel in Wyoming

Famous scout, soldier and storyteller, Buffalo Bill still has a hold over this historic Wyoming town.

British Columbia is for Lovers

Deserted beaches, candle-lit dining and starry skies. British Columbia is the perfect place to woo your beloved.