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The train station in Alamosa, Colorado. Photo by Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

Riding the Rails in Colorado: Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

The idea of enjoying some good music in a beautiful setting was enough to entice us. Add in a train ride through Colorado's backcountry, and we knew we had to try it.
NodPod travel pillow review - travel tips

Review: NodPod Travel Pillow

Sleeping on an airplane just got easier. New travel pillow keeps your neck in place so you can sleep while sitting up.
A tasty shrimp dish at Aloy Modern Thai. Photo courtesy Aloy Modern Thai

Thai with a Denver Twist

One of the many joys of travel is discovering new cuisine. It’s even better when a new cuisine you’ve come to love becomes available...

Video: Exploring Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto

During my last trip to Japan I found this amazing ancient shrine in Kyoto and spent hours exploring it. I shot a video of...

Diving at Sipadan Island: Jacque Cousteau’s Favorite Dive Site

Jacques Cousteau called this dive spot near Sipadan Island an “untouched piece of art.” Aaron Gekoski explains why.

Video: Cycling Across Japanese Islands

During my last trip to Japan I rented a bicycle and cycled 160 kilometers across six beautiful islands in two days, following the Shimanami Kaido...
Taman Rekreasi Bedugul is an abandoned hotel near Balivideo

Video: Abandoned Hotel in Bali

I found this abandoned hotel in Bali over a year ago when I was traveling from Kuta to Bedugul, up in the mountains of...
The National Western Stock Show in Denver kicks off with a parade through downtown Denver. Photo by Visit Denver

Preserving Western Roots

Here in Colorado, Western culture is part of our treasured heritage.
Travel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong on My Mind

In the moonlight, I can see the outline of the Rocky Mountains, so I know that I’m back in Colorado. Yet, the lights of Hong Kong still reflect in my mind, and it’s hard to leave the images behind.

Video: 100km Walk Around Tokyo in 3 Days

5 things I Learned During my 100km Walk Around Tokyo No Trash Cans The only available trash-bins are in the mini-marts. Trash cans disappeared from the...
Travel blogger Janna Graber in Switzerland

Salve for the Soul

Sometimes, travel can provide the healing help we need.

Who Needs Luggage Anyway?

There is water on the bathroom floor, but it can’t be helped. My clothes — my only other set of clothes on this continent...
Travel in the Caribbean

Caribbean Blue Waters

The turquoise water beneath our catamaran is so clear that I can see a school of tiny purple fish circling our anchor rope at...